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We’re growing, getting better, ‘moving up’ in every way. It’s a great time to leverage our momentum and take your career to the next level.


Your Success is Our Success

We understand that your success is our success. Thus, we do all that we can to support your individual success through training, mentoring, marketing support and more.

Marketing: A Worthwhile Investment

We aren't afraid to invest in marketing strategy, and it shows. We invest in the brokerage's digital and traditional reach and are consistently innovating.

Number One, 13 years & Counting

We are the Wellington County's "#1 Brokerage". The brokerage has experienced record-breaking in sales for thirteen consecutive years and counting!

Friendly Culture of Team Success

We have an impressive dynamic within our brokerage and the numbers to prove it. Last year we saw 60% of our brokerage achieve award winning sales levels. We celebrate each other's successes.

5 Locations across the Region

4 well-appointed offices and 1 kiosk throughout Wellington County.

Innovative Lead Generation

Royal City Realty has rights to an exclusive tool designed for distributing and maximizing real estate leads through our high traffic website.

Competitive Compensation

We encourage our team members to do their absolute best with our incentive based and highly competitive compensation program.

Community Contributors

Royal City Realty is dedicated to supporting the parts of the Wellington region that need it most!


Whether Buying or Selling in Wellington County; Royal City Realty has been the leading real estate brokerage in Guelph for over 35 years. We’re proudly Royal LePage – a company that has been recognized as a proven leader providing real estate services since 1913.

Incorporated in 1970, Royal City Realty saw a great deal of change in its early years. Initially the name ROYAL CITY REALTY was owned by Bob Mutrie, But when Murray Taylor, Geoff Glass, Simon Wildeboer and Graydon Reed wanted to open a new Real Estate company in 1977; the name was purchased. They then hand-picked 25 sales reps to join their new team.

In 1984, Taylor and Glass bought out the business and turned their attention to building it into a fast-growing, multi-branch brokerage with 13 offices and some 350 salespeople. During the early nineties, a challenging period for real estate, the pair sold off the branch offices to managers, who became franchisees of Royal City Realty. Eventually, all drifted off to Royal LePage as the owners realized their hearts weren’t into building a franchise network.

Current owner Robb Atkinson purchased Royal City Realty in November of 2004. He had ventured into the world of real estate business ownership in 1984 when he opened Realty World Youngblood Atkinson. In 1995, Atkinson renamed the business Realty World Vantage and relocated with 22 sales reps to the company’s Speedvale Avenue location.

Two years later, he purchased Guelph’s Royal LePage corporately owned operation; rolling it into the Speedvale business. With the purchase of Royal City in 2004, Atkinson created Royal LePage Royal City Realty as it stands today. The company now serves Guelph and surrounding area with two Guelph offices, Fergus Location, a Stone Road Mall kiosk and a Rockwood location.